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Become an affiliate and work with us today.

Create your free white label affiliate dating site and start making money in one of the most active business online !

How does it work

You earn a 55% commission on all initial AND recurring payments.

We provide our affiliates and brands differnet online dating tools and services.

Our international network is available in 7 languages and has already attracted over 30.000 partners.

Ready to try ?

Registration to our affiliate program is free.

  • Create an account and take the time to discover the interface.
  • Set up your pages. Select from an array of pre-designed templates or customise your pages according to your own criteria.
  • Drive traffic / visitors on your pages

Soflirt - Dating affiliation

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About SO Flirt

SO Flirt is an independant site / guide / blog / magazine dealing about online dating sites and services. Our publications include dating sites reviews and articles dedicated to dating tips for online daters ...

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