Dating affiliation : Focus on Easyflirt’s last promotional tool

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Some of you may know Easyflirt. Easyflirt is a huge international dating network. The brand proposes dating services and also a dating affiliation service for webmasters.

The last promotional tool published on is interesting in many aspects and we wanted to underline some of its benefits.

A live exemple of the banner

Here is a live exemple of the banner.

Promotional tool /

Benefits of this new promotional tool for affiliates

  • The tool displays different banners according to calendar events. You therefore do not have to manually edit your scripts if you want to change the apparence / promotional message of the banners on your website.
  • The rotating banners are attractive.
  • The rotating banners are associated to relevant and contextual messages.
  • The tool is available in different languages.

Try Easyflirt’s dating affiliation service (100% free)

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