StatisticsThere are many ways you can promote your dating site to get more traffic and more signups.

We have listed many resources for you to use as you wish. We also have some informative articles listed that may help you when it comes to marketing your site to search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a very good way to get traffic to your site. Most people know what search engines are by now and how to use them.

The problem with submitting your partner site to search engines is that many search engines do not allow script information in the URL. A partner URL might be something like:

The best way to promote your personals area is to get yourself a real domain or hosted web pages simply for the promotion of your partner site. Then you link to your partner site from your web page.

Instead of listing hundreds of search engines here, we will list links to sites that list search engines. You will also find links to all kinds of information about search engines, including sites where you can submit your own site to multiple search engines at the same time!

Our Helpful Tips on Search Engine Optimisation

  • Make sure to have your own dating web site.
    Submitting your partner URL will probably not do you much good.
  • Your own domain name will make a difference. If you feel like spending the money on your own domain name, it can make a difference for search engine placement. Yet, it is not necessary. Many search engines will give you a better score for keywords in your domain name.
  • Try to have some kind of content on your site. A simple page with a link to your partner site will not be excepted by some directory type sites (Yahoo, dmoz). It will be spidered by the others though! Yet, for directories, its good to have other information on your site …
  • Meta tags are very important. Make sure to use the links above to find out the best way to structure your meta tags, descriptions, and page text to get the best results.
  • Keywords. The most popular keywords for singles would be: personals, personal ads, dating, singles, love, etc… with personals being the most popular term that is searched for on the search engines.
  • One problem with targeting the general terms above like personals, dating, or singles is that thousands of others are trying too. It is extremely hard. You may find more success targeting 2 or 3 keywords at a time. For instance, try optimizing your page and meta tags for phrases like Kansas City Personal Ads, or Atlanta Personals. That way, when a user does a search for those terms, it may be easier for you to rank a little higher. Search engine placement is an art, take some time and learn how the masters do it!

For more information on search engine placement, simply do a search for web site promotion on any search engine and you should be able to find more informations …

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