This is a really important information for the dating industry !

Easyflirt The group 2L Multimedia , publisher of the dating site EasyFlirt (.com), bought Neocom’s dating activities.

The amount of the transaction is kept confidential. But the investment seems to be important as the deal includes generic dating sites names such as,, or …

« Our strategy of segmentation is enriched with new products. The second added value of this purchase relyes in the name of the sites that, without marketing investment, can generate traffic on channels that already acquired hundreds of thousands of visitors per day!  » said Julien Lavanchy, Easyflirt’s CEO.

The sites mentioned above have a direct type-in traffic (traffic generated when people type the site’s names in the browser address bar). This is very common in areas with the generic names of products or services.

Easyflirt therefore realizes an important step with this new acquisition, which should not leave its competitors indifferent …

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