Online dating IndustryAs the online dating industry matures, it’s becoming increasingly more commonplace for ordinary people to seek friends and lovers via internet dating sites, and as a result of this, we’re seeing that the average user is becoming much more discerning.

He or she does not want to waste time joining sites that offer little or no chance of meeting his or her specific needs/wants regarding a friend or partner.

The increasingly sophisticated methodologies used by the better sites ensure that suitable matching is achieved, via high quality psychological testing, thorough compatibility reviews and more complete personality descriptors. These methodologies have substantially increased the chances of meeting a true soul mate; however the likelihood is increased even further if the dating site selected is dedicated to a particular area of interest, hobby or requirement that is important to the person seeking friendship or love.

The newer, more successful dating sites now tend to focus on a particular market segment, or niche, which is clearly communicated by the design/name/appearance of the site, the members they attract, and all of their marketing materials.

Devoting time and attention to becoming the No.1 site for a particular market sector, or specific interest or geography, is proven to increase member retention and repeat business ten-fold, in comparison to the more mainstream sites.

The only downside to the niche concept is the size of membership that will initially be attracted (there are only so many wind-surfers out there!).

However, here is where dating affiliation becomes truly valuable. Joining dating affiliation networks provides many benefits, as described in detail in other pages of this site, but high amongst these is access to the full member database of all our combined partners.

Creating and linking niche sites to dating network is in general quite simple. You can instantly create niche sites using the options at your dispoal on the major dating affiliation platforms. The solutions will probably tend to further personalisations, allowing you to create general dating, adult, gay or geo-targeted sites, which you can narrow down to incorporate any combination of criteria that you wish (for example sexy dating for people who like who live in the UK).

Taking a niche marketing approach to online dating, linked to a dedicated worldwide network, is without doubt the way of the future, because it is targeted, helps retain members longer, and, critically, is substantially more profitable.

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